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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Kaleidoscope Play




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    Jul 14 2021

    These kaleidoscopes were, and continue to be, great fun. The crate contains very high quality materials and the kaleidoscopes are very easy to put together.

    Valerie Skurka

    Jun 9 2021

    My granddaughter was with me for three days, she’s eight years old, and was totally entertained and thrilled with the whole process, the books that came with it and ability to do her own artwork with it.


    May 16 2020

    Great crate! The kids had so much fun putting this together. Educational and fun. I also love that the stand up kaleidoscope came with a to go case. It’s great if you are going on vacation and are planning on some dinners out where the kids need to be entertained. Lots of activities they can do on the go and keep them entertained!

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