Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Christmas Candle Carousel


What you get

Get into the holiday spirit with STEAM! Harness the power of aerodynamics to build your very own spinning Christmas candle carousel. Explore how the candles in your carousel are for more than just show — they also heat up the air around them, causing it to rise in a gust of wind that spins the whole carousel around! Then discover the history, culture, and technology behind these de-light -ful decorations.




From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

Get festive —- build a candle-powered carousel, decorate your own Christmas tree, and learn about convection current. All while spreading holiday cheer!

By the numbers

Candles burned in testing: 168

Total spinning time accumulated in testing: From Christmas to New Year's Eve

Wooden trees decorated: 9



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Khu Yuwei
Oct 13 2022

My child is 5 and this was very fun, very easy to put together! I was able to use this to start set up for christmas, and also explain convection effectively! This visual aid helped put together a lot of concepts that I have been trying very hard to explain: like convection in the earth's mantle, oceans and air. It also helps that this is non-denominational.

Sep 24 2022

This was so much fun for my kiddo to put together. And it worked just like the Weihnachtspyramide that I grew up with!

Dec 3 2021

My 5 year old LOVED this candle carousel. She was able to do it by herself as long as the instructions were verbally given to her. It's a very pretty craft that can be nicely displayed somewhere. The way that the carousel rotates with the heat from the candles is awesome and so creative.

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