Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Baking and Fractions


What you get

Dig into pretend play — with a hearty helping of math on the side! All you need to cook up some creativity is this solid wood baking set, complete with baking ingredients, spoons, a stand mixer, and a candle-topped cake. Use the match-up recipe cards and activity mat to count out your ingredients and identify fractions. Then share a slice of your pretend-play dessert with a friend, or follow the recipes to bake your very own homemade treats. Because with the right tools and a little imagination, learning math can be a piece of cake!

Part of the Early Math + Pretend Play collection, along with Grilling and Sequencing



Recipe Cards

From the desk of the product designer:

Behind the design

I was inspired by my own kids’ love of play food and by our adorable crew of toddler product testers. Watching them play helped us make sure everything was both fun and fraction-friendly. For example, we changed the number of butter pieces from three to four so they could be used to show "half" and "whole.”

By the numbers

Kid testers: 7

Bowls prototyped: 10

At-home baking adventures inspired by our projects: lots!



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Oct 25 2022

The 5 year old loved it. Recipes included a plus

Sep 27 2022

Incredibly cute and well made. My only complaint is that I didn't have glue that would facilitate gluing the cut outs to the box for the oven - our glue stick didn't work. My kid also threw away the recipe cards in an attempt to help clean up and the post-dinner trash didn't really facilitate fishing them back out. Laminated type cards would be great for ensuring those cards stand the test of time for this activity.

Sep 8 2022

Loved the little cake and candles, and my daughter loved pulling apart the butter and eggs! She loves adding everything to the bowl.

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