We’ve built KiwiCo out of a belief in the importance of developing creative confidence. This confidence helps kids think big and act like creators and producers instead of just consumers. Kids with creative confidence don’t assume one "right way" to build with blocks, paint a picture, or solve a problem. Their unique way is the right way!

By celebrating kids' natural creativity and curiosity, we help parents bring enriching experiences to their children. Children should learn and understand engineering through real world concepts - and have fun doing it!

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The Best Starter Kit for Young Engineers (Ages 5+)

Our Kiwi Crate Mechanics Pack delivers three kits for the mechanically-minded young tinkerer. Kids will receive all the materials and instructions to build a mechanical sweeper, disk launcher, and hydraulic system. All three projects encourage creative thinking and problem-solving while teaching children about how similar objects are engineered in the natural world.

Mechanics Pack

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Want a New Engineering Project Every Month? (Ages 9+)

Tinker Crate is a laboratory for hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects delivered every month. Each crate comes with everything kids need to get started: the materials, the blueprints, video tutorials, and more. Every Tinker Crate promotes hands-on learning and discovery while encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving.

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Take a peek at sample crates

  • Glowing Pendulum

    Explore chaotic motion with a double pendulum and UV light!

  • Hydraulic Claw

    Learn how to build your own hydraulic lifting claw!

  • Automaton

    Take a peek inside automaton mechanics! Engineer a hand-cranked, wooden automaton that makes a marble climb stairs.

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Individual Engineering Kits

We offer individual kits for building something awesome and learning something along the way.

Take a peek at sample crates

  • Light-Up Speaker

    Build an amplification circuit to power your own speaker and customize it with a glowing LED! Recommended for ages 12+.

  • Hand-Crank Flashlight

    Assemble your own hand-crank flashlight, great for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or just battery-free fun. Recommended for ages 12+.

  • Geometric Laser Projector

    Construct a variable speed laser projector, capable of producing a variety of different geometric patterns. Recommended for ages 14+.

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Read More About Engineering

Check out our blog for more awesome ideas, activities, and DIY projects for young innovators and budding engineers.

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  • 5 Amazing Flying Machines You Can Make!

    Learn about all the different ways we’ve made to soar across the sky, and build your own amazing flying machines.

  • 7 Amazing Ancient Weapons

    Slings, spears, and bows and arrows may have been used for hunting, fighting, and competition even before written language was invented!

  • 10 Fun Engineering Projects for Curious Kids

    Really great projects for getting hands-on with simple machines, circuits, and the power of rubber bands.

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What Sets Our Engineering Subscription Boxes Apart?

  1. We deliver carefully engineered components along with clear instructions and inspiration.

    Carefully engineered components!
  2. We ensure that the projects are multi-dimensional with lots of possibilities for kids to tinker and explore.

    Tinker and explore!
  3. Every crate is tested rigorously by our experts and lots of kids.

    Tested rigorously!
  4. Our projects are enriching, accessible, and fun for kids of all ages.

    Enriching, accessible, and fun!

Each of our crates presents kids with a multi-faceted experience that can last for hours, or even days! Our crates include a magazine with additional science experiments and activities, and lots of rich content to dig deeper into the theme. We also provide online resources and video content for every project, all designed to allow kids to explore further.

Positive Project Blueprints

Supply young scientists with the tools they need to understand and replicate the mechanics around them. Kiwi Crates use unique designs and hands-on experiments to bring out the potential that’s inside every young maker and scientist, and encourage scientific growth and mental development. When engineering subscription boxes are a part of your child’s educational experience, all you have to do is sit back and watch creativity and confidence flow!

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