KiwiCo craft kits introduce kids to new crafting materials and interesting techniques. every month. Their experts spend 1,000+ hours developing each kit to make it easy and convenient for kids to spend time building, exploring, and creating. The KiwiCo mission is to inspire kids to see themselves as scientists, artists, creators, and makers.

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Awesome Blend of Science & Art (Ages 9+)

Build and explore three creative projects that fuse art and science. Design glowing EL wire signs, wire up an LED circuit and paint a galaxy messenger bag, and make batches of your own chalkboard and glow in the dark slime.

Science & Art Pack

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Best Craft Kits for Ages 9‑16+

Doodle Crate develops kids' natural creativity and curiosity using STEAM ("Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math") principles while saving time for busy parents. Each Doodle Crate comes with all the materials needed for an amazing DIY, along with techniques, inspiration sheets, and video tutorials filled with helpful tips and tricks. Subscribe now for a new crate every month!

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  • Handmade Soap

    Soap up with your very own soap next time you wash your hands.

  • Desktop Corkboard

    Create your own one-of-a-kind corkboard. The tape-resist technique makes it easy to design with crisp lines, contrasting colors, and bold patterns.

  • Mini Journals

    Learn paper making and bookbinding techniques to make journals for your thoughts and doodles!

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Best Craft Kits for Ages 5‑8

Kiwi Crate allows children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade to begin a hands-on discovery of art, science, and engineering with fun craft projects that they can assemble themselves. Each Kiwi Crate comes with high-quality materials and kid-friendly instructions and ideas for tinkering, along with comics, experiments, and games in the Explore! Magazine. Subscribe now for a new crate every month!

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Take a peek at sample crates

  • Solar System

    Create your own solar system mobile, complete with a light-up sun in the center.

  • Playing with Puzzles

    Get creative by arranging shapes into patterns and making crayon rubbings to reveal unique puzzles!

  • Mechanical Sweeper

    Learn about how salt and water react, and build a sweeper that can pick up toys and pom-poms!

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Best Craft Kits for Ages 3‑4

Koala Crate is filled with hands-on fun and learning for budding innovators. Each crate comes with lots of high quality materials for 2-3 creative activities, an activity guide for parents, and stories and games in Imagine! Magazine. Subscribe now for a new crate every month!

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Take a peek at sample crates

  • Medieval

    Build a working catapult, "dragon" wagon, and a royal castle to explore medieval times!

  • Rainforest

    Transform a caterpillar puppet into a butterfly, build a rainstick, and play a stacking tree game.

  • Dinosaurs

    Make a dinosaur costume, create clay fossils, play a footprint matching game.

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What Sets KiwiCo Craft Kits Apart?

  1. We deliver carefully engineered components along with clear instructions and inspiration.

    Carefully engineered components!
  2. We ensure that the projects are multi-dimensional with lots of possibilities for kids to tinker and explore.

    Tinker and explore!
  3. Every crate is tested rigorously by our experts and lots of kids.

    Tested rigorously!
  4. Our projects are enriching, accessible, and fun for kids of all ages.

    Enriching, accessible, and fun!

Each of our crates presents kids with a multi-faceted experience that can last for hours, or even days! Our crates include a magazine with additional science experiments and activities, and lots of rich content to dig deeper into the theme. We also provide online resources and video content for every project, all designed to allow kids to explore further.

Designer Skills

Young learners of all types can enjoy projects that weave art and science together seamlessly. KiwiCo’s craft kits for kids focus on unique craft ideas that inspire creativity, spark curiosity, and challenge kids to put their crafting and building skills to work. Everything young makers need, all in one crate — from design inspiration, to detailed instructions, to high-quality materials, and more!

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